Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

A week after Joe Biden’s win in the US presidential election, John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s various attempts to overturn the results, why his claims don’t hold water, and the consequences of indulging him.
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  1. A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.

    A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.29 minuter sedan

    I want a whole episode dedicated that yellow turtle now :(

  2. Charliep18

    Charliep183 timmar sedan

    John Oliver, have you actually done your research? :p

  3. David Leung

    David Leung3 timmar sedan

    In Denmark we have an old saying, that perfectly encompass the Trump administration, and it goes: A thief thinks every man steals. Edit: I just want to point out that i never said that the Danes came up with this saying, just that we have it... it actually warms my heart to see so many different versions of the same saying all around the world. Makes me think we are all more alike, despite colour, creed or place of origin. Also @Accolade Awarded I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my views more in depth.

  4. volleyballguy79

    volleyballguy793 timmar sedan

    Look how orange that man is! I don't know if we still know what chemical is causing it

  5. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan4 timmar sedan

    Modern day Confederates. Losing and not admitting it.

  6. Brent Senior

    Brent Senior4 timmar sedan

    You can see Jon voigt trying to read the cue cards beside the camera lol I wonder how much he got paid to say that. It has been a while since hes acted

  7. JerryAttrick

    JerryAttrick4 timmar sedan

    I just want to go on record saying they did a SHIT job on disguising that woman's voice. The original audio is still there, clearly understood, timbre to her voice unmanipulated. Anyone that knows this woman could be like "Yep, that's Betty".

  8. motaparatu

    motaparatu6 timmar sedan

    Idea for Trump's next business venture. Trump manure 100% bullshit.

  9. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan4 timmar sedan

    That old lady summed it for most all Americans: “I voted against the other one” 😂🤣😆

  10. Vostok Laika

    Vostok Laika11 timmar sedan

    its been two weeks???

  11. Dayvit78

    Dayvit7811 timmar sedan

    The settler that the others ones didn't like looks suspiciously like John Oliver.

  12. Edward Makhulu

    Edward Makhulu12 timmar sedan

    "two rats squashed around a used condom" hahahaha maa....n

  13. AlbaTross

    AlbaTross13 timmar sedan

    I may be late to the party, but no, being anti-democracy and making unwarranted death threats is not what the second amendment is for.

  14. Kid Mohair

    Kid Mohair14 timmar sedan

    trumperdämmerung the twilight of deadlyoledonald, in which as long as the dollars are flowing in the scam will continue... and a full month after the election, no member of the GangOfPutin parté has yet said Biden is president-elect...

  15. BubblePuppy

    BubblePuppy14 timmar sedan

    And remember, 99% of celerity Bull shit leans to the left.

  16. BubblePuppy

    BubblePuppy15 timmar sedan

    Why are you so shocked and upset? It seems congress has been using any possible technique to thwart the other parties agenda, using options that almost never get used and even just plain not showing up to vote on something. Anything Trump is doing is just more of the same. And you can whine all you want about the Trump fraud claims, but if he can keep the election uncertified, Biden might take it in the ass.

  17. BubblePuppy

    BubblePuppy15 timmar sedan

    Would Biden understand the high level intelligent briefs?

  18. Mme. Veronica

    Mme. Veronica4 timmar sedan

    More than Trump, that's for sure

  19. GameFax

    GameFax15 timmar sedan

    Why do we not have this process set up so that it is cleanly auditable? A process you can not audit is going to be abused at some point.

  20. One click

    One click16 timmar sedan

    "Look how yellow that turtle is!" I was browsing the comments and assumed you were talking about Trump

  21. Ellen Spear

    Ellen Spear16 timmar sedan

    Thank you for your eloquence, with jokes, Mr Oliver.

  22. Crusher O'Lies

    Crusher O'Lies16 timmar sedan

    amendments are amendable you know USA.

  23. Old_Newbie

    Old_Newbie16 timmar sedan

    John Oliver (Today): "Election machines are secure. This is nothing" John Oliver (Exactly 1 year ago)= "Election machines are not secure! This is horrible" ...well that didn't age well. hypocrisy much?

  24. Mme. Veronica

    Mme. Veronica4 timmar sedan

    9:01 Trump made a cyber security agency specifically to prevent the election from being rigged and it itself, a government body made by Trump, said the election was the most secure. Security has improved sonce then

  25. roger segee

    roger segee16 timmar sedan


  26. Lesiqa Jeni

    Lesiqa Jeni17 timmar sedan

    That old lady summed it for most all Americans: “I voted against the other one” 😂🤣😆

  27. D B

    D B17 timmar sedan

    Trump sure did turn America into a shithole country.

  28. EldensGarden

    EldensGarden12 timmar sedan

    What do you think the chances are that Biden significantly escalates major conflict with North Korea? Say what you will about Trump, at least he was successful in getting a cordial meeting with Kim Jong Un as Kim respect him, Kim also stopped doing missile tests after that meeting if I'm not mistaken. Something Obama wasn't able to do. Kim is now on record calling Biden a fool, showing that he doesn't respect Biden nearly as much as does Trump. Could this indicate that he would be more comfortable making a move against the US under Biden's presidency?

  29. Steve Campbell

    Steve Campbell18 timmar sedan

    Forty McFortface.

  30. Jon Bona

    Jon Bona18 timmar sedan

    People always think being a comedian during the Trump presidency was easy because, you know, Trump and all his cohorts are dumb and really bad at their jobs. But all of these people - John Oliver et al included - are struggling to mask their anger with humour.

  31. Z z

    Z z18 timmar sedan

    These guys are always on vacation.

  32. Meron Wollie

    Meron Wollie19 timmar sedan

    Except the postal worker didn’t recant

  33. Richard Keller

    Richard Keller19 timmar sedan

    If Trump pardons himself, then how many crimes will he be confessing to get pardoned? You can’t do 1 pardon for everything. It would be easy to pardon yourself if you only did one crime, but Trump did many.

  34. Kalium

    Kalium19 timmar sedan

    Is it just a mere coincidence that 'Ezekiel' looks kind of like John Oliver?

  35. f

    f19 timmar sedan

    Right wing media is simply pathetic.

  36. taylor stevens

    taylor stevens19 timmar sedan

    I feel like they missed calling trump a cheddar cheese mistake

  37. Macy64

    Macy6420 timmar sedan


  38. Antoine Letarte

    Antoine Letarte21 timme sedan

    Forty McFortface should be the name of that town.

  39. Sylvia Martinez

    Sylvia Martinez21 timme sedan

    who is this morron ! of course its HBO.. COVERING for DEMOCRATIC PARTY..

  40. Mme. Veronica

    Mme. Veronica4 timmar sedan

    Nah, just for democracy

  41. TheRealHiesenberg

    TheRealHiesenberg21 timme sedan

    The greatest struggle since the civil apparently he is saying that the fight for keeping slaves was more important than the fight against nazi germany....what does that tell you.

  42. Chaoticstorm

    Chaoticstorm21 timme sedan

    It appears USA can’t handle the responsibility of running a democracy anymore. Guess it’s time for Canada to step in and take control for their own good. First well send in G.E.E.S.E to soften them up before we all cross the border and give out hugs before putting every American in time out while the adults clean up their mess.

  43. Amanpreet Insan

    Amanpreet Insan21 timme sedan

    You are US’s Shekhar Gupta but.

  44. tyrongkojy

    tyrongkojy22 timmar sedan

    america doesn't know how to democracy.

  45. TastySpaceCakes

    TastySpaceCakes22 timmar sedan

    Only Jon Oliver can go on a tangent about Forty Fort for 3mins flawlessly like that! 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Raja kar

    Raja kar22 timmar sedan

    Did he said West Bengal( about the turtle) ??? Really West Bengal.........oh's a state of India from where I am from.

  47. Nile Bane

    Nile Bane23 timmar sedan

    that is as yellow

  48. crazybagoham

    crazybagoham23 timmar sedan

    15 days later, still no concession nor any evidence of voter fraud.

  49. Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera23 timmar sedan

    A lot of people believe you to.

  50. Ask Rhonnie

    Ask Rhonnie23 timmar sedan

    They’re trying to incite a civil war with that creepy Jon Voight video. And isn’t it like satanic people to call the other guy satan?

  51. Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera23 timmar sedan

    You shouldn't address our President with the word asshole

  52. twatoast

    twatoast22 timmar sedan

    If the shoe fits..........

  53. Dean B

    Dean BDag sedan

    It's no secret that a liar won't believe anyone else

  54. Andy Jame

    Andy JameDag sedan

    That old lady summed it for most all Americans: “I voted against the other one” 😂🤣😆

  55. Declan Lawford-Wickham

    Declan Lawford-WickhamDag sedan

    I feel for the PA city commissioner who is only trying to do his job and his office is receiving threats for accurately counting votes. An honorable Republican official genuinely hurt by these baseless accusations.

  56. Mighty One

    Mighty OneDag sedan

    Madam, good for you for voting against the man who is literally doing nothing to stop a lethal pandemic that preys on the elderly in particular.

  57. SateliteMike DataPro

    SateliteMike DataProDag sedan

    This election was more about voting against Trump than 4 Biden. Its quite ironic That Trump has got most of the republican establishment terrified of his base

  58. captainautobots

    captainautobotsDag sedan

    It's not over... till... the punches you have are... no... It's not over till... your punching bag... is empty... Yeah, that's it.

  59. Ryan Phoenix

    Ryan PhoenixDag sedan

    At this point can we even trust John Oliver to get his haircut without supervision?

  60. Renato Corvaro

    Renato CorvaroDag sedan

    Wow, I didn't know Jon Voight was a piece of shit. This is what I get for not keeping up with celebrity gossip.

  61. Renato Corvaro

    Renato CorvaroDag sedan

    And yet, when this is all over and Biden is president, I bet you Americans will still refuse to change your system.

  62. Jarrett

    JarrettDag sedan

    Well, as of this week, Biden is getting funded by corpos... getting his inauguration funded, at least. Off to an ostentatious start, there, moderate Democrat. Seriously, Dems, Bernie Sanders was the better choice. Now AOC might have to prematurely max her career out by running for president in 2024 or 2028. Maybe she'll be someone's running mate or cabinet pick. Who knows.

  63. Denise Boiridy

    Denise BoiridyDag sedan

    Trump and Fox News make a very good team........

  64. Ezequiel Seery

    Ezequiel SeeryDag sedan

    Always enjoy the Orange Man Bad Show and favorite host NPC Oliver

  65. BrazenPhrasin

    BrazenPhrasinDag sedan

    Anyone else looking at Ezekiel and seeing John Oliver?

  66. gerard abair

    gerard abairDag sedan

    You ignore the legal process for challenging election results. You are not credible. There is a preponderance of Evidence that is being presented before the proper Authorities, The Supreme Court and state legislatures. 🤔🐒🤔🐒🎼🤨🎼😊😉🥁🥁🎺🎺🎺🔈🔉🔊🥕🍎🍋

  67. RenchesAndSords

    RenchesAndSordsDag sedan

    As someone outside of the US, this has been like watching an impending meteor.

  68. Rachel Moore

    Rachel MooreDag sedan

    My favorite Games of Thrones quote: "He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes."

  69. Viktor Rodriguez

    Viktor RodriguezDag sedan

    "This is what the Second Amendment is for, for people like us" That line is screaming "we will kill anyone who does not share our opinions and need to be purged" with that I'm going to say that this is what the Second Amendment is for, for human scum like them

  70. Bruce Freadrich

    Bruce FreadrichDag sedan

    So now we know what Jon Voight has been up to since "Mission Impossible"… in 1996.

  71. Jake wayne

    Jake wayneDag sedan

    this like the movie black sheep from 1996. what the fuck.

  72. Tom B

    Tom BDag sedan

    as a 20-some year-old progressive that joke hit a little close to home

  73. Robert T

    Robert TDag sedan

    Forty Fort the original boaty mcboatface.

  74. Eric Krupa

    Eric KrupaDag sedan

    Honestly, I would have voted for the yellow turtle before voting for Trump.

  75. Michael Regan

    Michael ReganDag sedan

    So many public figures burning bridges.

  76. Wendy Desparois

    Wendy DesparoisDag sedan

    Not surprising at all that the only proven instance(s) of actual voter fraud were carried out/perpetrated by T**** supporters!! Terrifying and horrifying, but not surprising in the least.

  77. Andrew Smith

    Andrew SmithDag sedan

    Describing Tucker Carlson as " an 80s ski bully who just lost the big race' and 'a waiter's nightmare' is perfection.

  78. DryBones271

    DryBones271Dag sedan

    I like how they refer to him is "Mr. Trump".

  79. BrokeredHeart

    BrokeredHeartDag sedan

    "That's what the Second Amendment is for"? To kill election officials and ballot counters? This is the sort of detachment from reality that America will have to deal with for a very long time. Not-so-idle threats on the lives of people just doing their jobs according to the letter, and routine harassment by people who have nothing else going on in their lives. As much loathing as I have for the Republican Party as a whole, at least these election officials performed their jobs accordingly and with dignity. Shows the gulf dividing those that once stood for the simple notions of small government and lower taxes, from the "take names and kick ass" goons who can't fathom why they lost. But as much as we make fun of them for their pointless screaming and contradictory and backwards attitudes, they are not toothless, either. Death threats are being made against political activists and grassroots organizers as well, and there's a new rally being promoted online for another pro-Trump march two days before the electors meet to finalize the election for Biden's win. If they can't be the victors, they'll settle for the violent opposition.

  80. Hannah Hemingway

    Hannah HemingwayDag sedan

    Holy shit. A guy is getting death threats for counting votes?? In a demOCRACY?!!??

  81. Teag Brohman

    Teag BrohmanDag sedan

    My Grandfather is a Trump Supporter and I was shocked that he was able to accept the Election Results sooner than I thought he would

  82. Erin 101

    Erin 101Dag sedan

    There are a few things you need to have a democracy. And to be a democracy you must have a peaceful transition of power, I'm just hoping were going to get it.

  83. Aiden Parkins

    Aiden ParkinsDag sedan

    you guys should do Formula 1

  84. Arhum Ahmad

    Arhum AhmadDag sedan

    Muhammad Ali was outspoken against Trump for his views on Muslims right before his death

  85. Truth

    TruthDag sedan

    I love you, John Oliver.

  86. PsychoGeek

    PsychoGeekDag sedan

    Forty Fort Missing the ONE chance to call it Forty McFortface

  87. Chris Leedham

    Chris LeedhamDag sedan

    trump will burn america down before he admits he lost ANYTHING

  88. Chris Leedham

    Chris LeedhamDag sedan

    now jon voight knows how normal people when Trump was elected....i mean if there was an antichrist, wouldnt trump be it??

  89. Warren NZ

    Warren NZDag sedan

    History will record that Donald Trump was the *_worst_* president EVER!!!

  90. Warren NZ

    Warren NZDag sedan

    Re: that quote from Jon Voight: It's weird that Trump who thinks that HE'S God, has such a loyal following from Christians. I put it down to poor education and an upbringing that makes people gullible.

  91. Artsy_Judoka

    Artsy_JudokaDag sedan

    They really put that lady on Fox news with a creepy ass voice filter that makes her sound like L from Death Note.

  92. themightykabool

    themightykaboolDag sedan

    To be fair and balanced, you had done a voter episode years ago about outdated windows hackable hardware. How does that compare?

  93. Kara Martin

    Kara MartinDag sedan

    I can totally prove this claim!!! *shows CNN clip for proof.*

  94. TheOliveboy93

    TheOliveboy93Dag sedan

    The take away from this episode: if you want your son to be a downer, call him Ezekiel

  95. Cara Pendy

    Cara PendyDag sedan

    Is Jon Voight even relevant anymore?

  96. Freedom Patriot

    Freedom PatriotDag sedan

    Oooooooooooooo oooooo ooooooo

  97. Jimmy Saviano

    Jimmy SavianoDag sedan

    Dirty Diapers Donnie is a one term loser & he stinks in every conceivable way.

  98. Ellis G

    Ellis GDag sedan

    Trump is one of the biggest threats to democracy in American history. His time in office will age like milk

  99. JD Marshall

    JD MarshallDag sedan

    The J man did it

  100. Iris E

    Iris EDag sedan

    The only earthly purpose that Trump, the GOP, and Faux News can now have, is to have their pictures on a label for Ipecac syrup. You'd never even have to open the bottle, just look at the label.

  101. Green Brain

    Green BrainDag sedan

    Forty Fort, or Forty McFortFace.

  102. Selena Bremner

    Selena BremnerDag sedan

    Did Boaty McBoatface plagerize?

  103. canadiananim8r

    canadiananim8rDag sedan

    11:09 a grave filled with gravy!? beautiful!

  104. Howl Hayden

    Howl HaydenDag sedan

    I think 2020 has finally broken John Oliver.

  105. The Observer

    The ObserverDag sedan

    Biden may not be the president you need but the one you deserve. #batman #trumpsurvivor

  106. Eric Langlois

    Eric LangloisDag sedan

    As James T Kirk once said "May the Force be with you!"